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I have a module that I'm using in my Play! application, but have needed to make certain tweaks to it to work for my needs. I am also using Heroku for my host, so whenever I deploy, it runs a "play deps" and blows away my manually built lib.

Is there any way I can get my manual changes to Heroku?

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For Play 1.x:

Your modules directory should not be in your git repo. Instead you should setup a file repository that Play will use to resolve the dependency. In your conf/dependencies.yml do something like:

    - play
    - localModule -> foo 0.3

    - local repo:
        type: local
        artifact: "${application.path}/local-repo/[module]-[revision].zip"
            - localModule -> *

Then put a file like in a new local-repo directory in your project. You can test it locally by running:

play deps --sync
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