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I have a question on how to sort data using sql. For that I made up a simple example to illustrate my problem.

if object_id('MyTable', 'U') is not null drop table  dbo.MyTable;

create table MyTable
    country varchar(10) not null
    , town varchar( 10 ) not null
    , amount int not null

insert into MyTable values
( 'US', 'NYC', 100 )
, ( 'US', 'BAL', 150 )
, ( 'US', 'WAS', 200 )
, ( 'CA', 'MON', 100 )
, ( 'CA', 'TOR', 150 )
, ( 'CA', 'VAN', 200 )

How can I sort the data in a sense the all "countries are sorted by the amount in descending order AND that the towns in alphabetical order for each country.

Thanks, Christian

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What would the expected output be for that data set according to your criterion? – Daniel DiPaolo Jul 13 '12 at 19:30
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I think that this should do it:

    SUM(amount) OVER(PARTITION BY country) as CountryTotal,
FROM        MyTable
ORDER BY    CountryTotal, country, town
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That works! Thanks a lot. – chhenning Jul 13 '12 at 19:59

To sort in SQL, use Order By:

So if you wanted sorted by Country, then Amount, then Town, you'd add an Order By clause after your Where class like:

ORDER BY Country, Amount DESC, Town
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Thanks for your tip. But when I run the towns are not sorted. select * from MyTable ORDER BY Country, Amount DESC, Town – chhenning Jul 13 '12 at 19:57
That will sort Country and Amount before sorting Towns. So if town should be sorted within a Country rather than Amount, switch them. Although, it appears I didn't quite understand your question - @RBarryYoung has a much more suitable answer. – Erica Jul 13 '12 at 20:29

I am not sure whether you want to order by total amount of a country or just amount . for total amount of country use below.

 SUM(amount) as countrycotal, 
 FROM        MyTable 
 group BY  country

) ctotal inner join Mytable mt on =

order by ctotal.countrytotal,,

for just amount use below

select * from Mytable 
order by mt.amount,,
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