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I am trying to request and parse an XML-file, but the server respondes with a gzip Content-Encoding, even if I do not request it in my Accept-Encoding header.

Now, returning a gzipped response by default is unexpected, but not wrong. However, I do not seem to be able to request a non-gzipped response. I expected that the header

Accept-Encoding: gzip;q=0, deflate;q=0

would do the trick, but apparently not.

The libraries I'm using (rdflib) also fails to handle the link/XML-file, so I'm guessing the server is somehow incorrectly configured? Via the browser everything works OK, so I'm not sure.

Is there a way to override the gzip Content-Encoding? Or is this behavior simply incorrect?

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It actually is expected to return gzip by default, because most browsers support gzip and it improves latency. – Alex W Jul 13 '12 at 20:05
But curl and the parser are no browsers, and other servers do not seem to respond with gzipped content to them... – mhermans Jul 13 '12 at 20:12

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