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I have been following a tutorial that ends up creating a web app for storing form input data locally (you can see the final proj here: http://mc-mobile-app.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html).

I am then using the files to test creating a native app with phonegap and Xcode - but I cant work out how to add a swipe to delete on the stored entries (one by one rather than just a delete of all in one go).

Is this possible using the above tools and if so how?

I'm new to iOS dev so any help would be great!

Many Thanks,


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write the followinf in your 'cellForRowAtIndexPath' delegate method of the tableView:

   UISwipeGestureRecognizer *swipeLeft = [[UISwipeGestureRecognizer alloc]
   swipeLeft.direction = UISwipeGestureRecognizerDirectionLeft;
   [cell addGestureRecognizer:swipeLeft];
   [swipeLeft release];

you mus write a handler "handleSwipeLeft:" which shows the delete button and then on click event of this button you can write the following code to delete the table row:

[tableView deleteRowsAtIndexPaths:indexPaths withRowAnimation:UITableViewRowAnimationFade];

where indexPaths is an array of indexes that you want to delete... hope it helps... :)

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Thanks for your answer - The app is an HTML5 app ported into phone gap - will that work? and if so where is it i enter that code? Sorry this is literally my first attempt at an iPhone app Kind Regards –  awrench Jul 13 '12 at 20:36

I've been looking for the same thing. The closest I can find is a jQuery-mobile plugin ..


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