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I am implementing a progress monitoring function using Django. However, I cannot get the updated value in the front end.

A Django management command is executed by popen to keep updating the progress of a webscan. Scan is a Django model and progress_info is an attribute of the model which is saved in database. The code is as follows:

            d = 10
            while (d) :
                    isBusy ="framework.busy?")
                    if isBusy.strip() == 'true':
                        progress = webscan.progress
                        webscan.progress_info = progress
                        d = 0
                except Exception as e:
                    logging.debug("In an exception when calling busy. Exception: %s and Type %s"%(e, type(e)))
                    d -= 1

In the front-end, I make an ajax call to get the value of progress_info. The handler simply get the value of webscan.progress_infoand returns it to the front-end. The code is as follows:

def get_progress(self):
    return self.progress_info

Using the GUI of the DB, I can see that the value of progress_info is kept updated. However, the ajax call keeps returning 0 to the front-end until the command finishes (0 is the initial value of progress_info).

I guess it is because of the locking mechanism of DB or Django but do not fully understand why. Could anyone help me with it? Thanks a lot~

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