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I'm working on a "snap to road" piece of functionality for Bing Maps. My thoughts were that once a user clicked on the map, the DirectionsManager class would calculate the route, so that if a user wanted to make a route that rounded a curve, they wouldn't have to click several times. They could just click twice, and the page would do the rest. (BTW, if anyone has a better way of doing this, please let me know - this is my first pass at a solution.)

I was experimenting with the DirectionsManager examples on MSDN, and cutting down the example code regaring the RouteLeg class (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh312823), I have this basic code:

function directionsModuleLoaded() {
    var directionsManager = new Microsoft.Maps.Directions.DirectionsManager(map);

    var startWaypoint = new Microsoft.Maps.Directions.Waypoint({ location: new Microsoft.Maps.Location(42.71926499622451,-84.57241695374249) });
    var endWaypoint = new Microsoft.Maps.Directions.Waypoint({ location: new Microsoft.Maps.Location(42.71390477940529,-84.5766870304942) });



function displayMessage(e) {
    alert("The calculated route has " + e.route[0].routeLegs[0].itineraryItems.length + " direction steps.");

This does work. I enter a pair of Lat/Long values, and it calculates and displays the "rounded" route. What I was hoping for was a way to place a PushPin on each part of the route where there was a change of direction, so if it took three small routes to turn a corner, there would be PushPins displayed, one at each point where the two segments met. Is that possible?

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You can call getAllWaypoints() from the DirectionManager class to get an array of all waypoints.

Foreach waypoint, you can call getLocations() to get the location of the waypoint object.

Then you can create a pushpin at each location, by passing waypoint.getLocations() to the pushpin constructor as well as any other set options, then adding the pushpin to the map.

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