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Warning: I'm a noobie. I have these 2 functions in my J/S:

function please()
    document.getElementById("test3").innerHTML = "mercy";

function displayAnimation()

    document.getElementById('myfirst').style.animation-play-state = 'running';
    document.getElementById('myfirst').style.-moz-animation-play-state = 'running';
    document.getElementById('myfirst').style.-webkit-animation-play-state = 'running';


They do not interact whatsoever, from what I know. But when I have the 3 lines in displayAnimation(), please() does not work, even though my other J/S functions will work.

In addition to that, the animation isn't changing from 'pause' to 'running' when I active displayAnimation().

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If you take a good look at your style properties you'll notice their syntax is invalid(JavaScript syntax)

The naming conventions for multiple word properties separated by a - is first-second --> firstSecond eg


for vendor prefixes -prefix-other --> PrefixOther eg

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Yes. Yeeees. Yeeeeeeesssss. –  user1472747 Jul 13 '12 at 21:20

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