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I am creating a jsp page where a single news is shown.just like single question on this page of stackoverflow.com .i need to store view count in database,

I can simply increment the view count in database this way :

UPDATE table SET views=views+1 WHERE newsId=4458;

but, what if a single user hits that page again and again and again...say 50 times... that way, my view count will not be real.. how can i avoid this.

i want something like stackoverflow's view count system ?

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May be keep a variable in session to make sure visit updated in database or not. Session is specific to user/browser, so it will synch. –  Nambari Jul 13 '12 at 21:01
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well one solution could be you make a new table (lets say its called views) with the following columns 'viewid' 'newsid' 'ipaddress' (obviously newsid is the foreign key) every time someone visits ur website u check if his ip is already in that table for that news item.

Select count(*) AS count FROM views WHERE newsid=1234 AND ipaddress=123.456.125

if count equals 0 you insert like this

INSERT INTO views('newsid', 'ipaddress') VALUES(1234, 123.146.125)

Now when you want to fetch the viewcount:

Select count(*) AS count FROM views WHERE newsid=1234

you can enhance this by adding another column called 'count' and 'lastviewed' (type datetime) to the table views. Lets say you allow every ip to be counted another time if the day doesnt match. This way you will get a pretty accurate viewcount :)

to fetch the new viewcount you can simply use SUM

Select SUM(count) AS count WHERE newsid=1234

Good luck :)

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i say use a counter in Javscript . Increment the variable on body onclick. eg:

<script language=”javascript”>
function pageCounter()
var counter = 0;
counter = counter++;


<body onclick = “pageCounter()”>

and you can update the value with onclose ..

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