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I am very new to GIT and I use GIT extensions. Whenever, I pull, GIT auto merges using KDiff3 and only requests help when it sees conflicts. However, I am not very satisfied with the auto merge feature as I see the merged files had a few conflicts which were not reported. I would like to disable auto merge in GIT ext. I would like GIT to give me the control to manually merge the files every time I pull.

As I am very new to GIT, if you ask me to change a few .git files, please do mention the most probable physical location of the file.

Thank you so much in advance.

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Put in a .gitattributes file:

* -merge

That would "unset" the automatic merge.

You have a choice of:

  • committing that file (everybody cloning your repo will have to deal with manual merges)
  • or putting that directive in a $GIT_DIR/info/attributes file (local only to your repo)

Note that the kdiff3 can be changed by the merge.tool config.

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