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I'm trying to start developing in android but have had problems setting up the development environment: I am running Ubuntu 11.04 and have installed Eclipse Juno 4.2.0. and have updated the android sdk tools to the latest version.

When I try to run an android emulator I get the error "NAND: Could not write file...file exists". When searching on this error on answer said I needed to free up some space on my hard drive. I have since freed up a few Gig from the hard drive but I still get the same error. Another site said to delete all emulator environments and create new ones from scratch. I tried this but when I had just one environment listed in the avd manager and I try to delete it, and error message pops up that says I can't because the emulator is currently running. Even when I reboot the computer, open the avd manager and try to delete I still get the same error. I have tried

adb devices to find the device that is running but no devices get listed.

I get this error whether I am running the avd manager form Eclipse or from the command line. Does anyone know Why I am getting the NAND: Could not write file...file exists error or why I always get the message about the emulator running.



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Try to check the free space on your hard drive....... its usually due to low storage space

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Please include references. If you say "usually" there must be other reports / solutions you can link to. –  Max Leske Nov 21 '13 at 7:00

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