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I am having trouble getting jQuery animate to work .To start the div is hidden with .hide(), then onclick of a button I want to expand the height of the div. Toggle animate works perfect, but I don't want toggle.

Toggle does this: The div is hidden, I fire the code below, works perfect, then the div gets hidden, fire it again- the div pops up full height and the animates down to 0px. I want it to go from hidden to expanding every time.

    { 'height':  'toggle' }, 'slow'

I tried

{ 'height':  '552px' }, 'slow'
{ 'height':  'auto' }, 'slow'

var h = document.getElementById('logincontainer').scrollHeight;
{ 'height':  h + 'px' }, 'slow'

I just want to expand the height to 552px, which the div already is every time.

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You can't really animate between hidden and a height, as those are different things. You could animate the height between 0 and 552, or use slideUp() and slideDown(), or if it's at the top of the screen you could animate its top between 0 and -552 – MrOBrian Jul 13 '12 at 22:01
sample fiddle here – Stano Jul 13 '12 at 22:38
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you can try slideToggle():

Display or hide the matched elements with a sliding motion.



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             { 'height':  'show' }, 'slow'

'show' was the magic jQuery word I was looking for to expand everytime, I will have to manually set the height back to 0 when hidden as well.

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