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I find myself often typing git st . (where st is already aliased to status) to get the status of just the current directory's files.

I often mistype that as git st. which of course doesn't get recognized.

I'd love to be able to alias st. but it doesn't seem like I can. If I add st. = status . to my .gitconfig aliases, I get a fatal: bad config file error on git invocations.

Is it possible to create an alias with a period in it?

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No, this is not possible (without changing and recompiling Git itself). From the git-config documentation:

The variable names are case-insensitive, allow only alphanumeric characters and -, and must start with an alphabetic character.

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Ah, thanks. I wasn't sure if aliases were a special case, or if their names could be escaped somehow. –  Aseem Kishore Jul 13 '12 at 22:40

No; if you look at config.c, it must be alphanumeric.

 * Validate the key and while at it, lower case it for matching.
*store_key = xmalloc(strlen(key) + 1);

dot = 0;
for (i = 0; key[i]; i++) {
    unsigned char c = key[i];
    if (c == '.')
        dot = 1;
    /* Leave the extended basename untouched.. */
    if (!dot || i > baselen) {
        if (!iskeychar(c) ||
            (i == baselen + 1 && !isalpha(c))) {
            error("invalid key: %s", key);
            goto out_free_ret_1;
        c = tolower(c);
    } else if (c == '\n') {
        error("invalid key (newline): %s", key);
        goto out_free_ret_1;
    (*store_key)[i] = c;
(*store_key)[i] = 0;
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Thanks! Unfortunately I can only pick one answer! –  Aseem Kishore Jul 13 '12 at 22:41

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