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I need to count total height of all divs, but I get a height of just one...

var myHeight = function() {
    var dHeight = 0;
    $(".myItem").each(function() {
        dHeight += $(this).height();
    return dHeight;

Does this look right?

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With jQuery, always suspect the selectors first. Run alert($('.myItem').length) - how many? The code looks fine. –  Utkanos Jul 13 '12 at 22:15

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Presumably you meant return dHeight, not return myHeight (the latter is the function, not the incremented variable).

[EDIT - as per the OP's comment below, this was apparently a typo and is not the reason for the problem]

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oops, type. Sorry about that. –  santa Jul 13 '12 at 22:13

The core of your code is right. Look at my example. Thus, wrapping it in a function and returning dHeight should be ok to achieve what you want to do.

UPDATE Ok, here's your function in action working fine. Your code is short, well-written, very readable and does what it should (try resizing the div's heights by adding <br />'s).

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