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I would like to set a limit to a has_many association. For example, a car has 4 tires. Therefore the Car table should have 4 foreign keys to records in the Tire table.. (note that in this case, each tire can have different priorities and it is for this reason that I need 4 keys)

Anyway I can specify a the number of tire keys in a car record when declaring an association please?

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I don't think has_many association has such an option but you can have a before_create validation in your tires model. Assuming that you create tires independently and not via cars using nested forms, below is an example code for your RAILS_APP/app/models/tire.rb.

Class Tire < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :car
  before_create :four_tires_per_car

  def four_tires_per_car
    # can't create more tires if the car in question already has four tires
    errors[:base] << "A car can have a maximum of four tires" if car.tires.count == 4

If you are creating tires via car using nested forms, you can modify this example code accordingly.

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How about concurrent update? Will it work? –  Victor Moroz Jul 14 '12 at 11:47
@VictorMoroz I am not really sure about this code's behavior during concurrent updates. –  Kulbir Saini Jul 15 '12 at 6:10

No afaik, but you can use the cancan gem to achieve that. For example inside the ability.rb

can :create, Car do |car|
   car.tires.count <= 4
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