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I'm somewhat new to rails and am setting up my models. A certain part of my application relies on three separate models.


has_many :recipe_ingredients

Recipe Ingredient

belongs_to :recipe
has_one :ingredient


#blank right now

Is this the proper model organization? The reason I have the recipe ingredient as a separate model is because I want to store weight and quantity values to it.



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I'd say this is almost right. The only issue is that because RecipeIngredient has_one Ingredient, the ingredient record must store the recipe_ingredient_id (see has_one association), so a single ingredient would be bound to a recipe_ingredient (and therefore the associated recipe). This prevents you from reusing the same ingredient for different recipes.

Instead, use the following:


has_many :recipe_ingredients
has_many :ingredients, :through => :recipe_ingredients


belongs_to :recipe
belongs_to :ingredient


has_many :recipe_ingredients
has_many :recipes, :through => recipe_ingredients

This establishes a many-to-many relationship between Recipes and Ingredients, so that Ingredients can be reused for multiple recipes. The quantities of each ingredient will be stored in RecipeIngredients.

Let me know if you need clarification.

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