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I saw that there are a lot of questions about dynamic dropdowns so I will hope that mine won't be glossed over. I have this method in a model that draws data from a table and creates an array for use to build a codeigniter dropdown.

 // method in the model
 public function house_dropdown()
      $dbres = $this->db->get('house'); //used php5 method chaining
       //cycle through result and create array to be made a drop down.
      $dbarray = array();
      foreach($dbres->result_array() as $db)
         $dbarray[$db['house_id']] = $db['house_name'];
         return $dbarray;
This creates the array and is consumed in a controller and sent to a view like so:
 $this->data['house'] = $this->gen_model->house_dropdown();

// creates a from element like so echo form_dropdown($house);

But this is the error I get right at the point of the dropdown element:

A PHP Error was encountered
Severity: Warning
Message: Illegal offset type in isset or empty
Filename: helpers/form_helper.php
Line Number: 319
A PHP Error was encountered
Severity: Notice
Message: Array to string conversion
Filename: helpers/form_helper.php
Line Number: 329

so I am stumped! Cos I am not sure where to look since I know that the form helper cannot have errors and in my code I don't see anything. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

PS. I did a var dump on the $dbarray after the foreach and it shows that the array was populated.

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You have passed wrong number of parameters to the function, it should be

echo form_dropdown('name_of_the_dropdown', $house, 'current_selected_item');

From codeigniter documentations

$options = array(
     'small'  => 'Small Shirt',
     'med'    => 'Medium Shirt',
     'large'   => 'Large Shirt',
     'xlarge' => 'Extra Large Shirt',

$shirts_on_sale = array('small', 'large');

echo form_dropdown('shirts', $options, 'large');

Would produce:

<select name="shirts">
    <option value="small">Small Shirt</option>
    <option value="med">Medium Shirt</option>
    <option value="large" selected="selected">Large Shirt</option>
    <option value="xlarge">Extra Large Shirt</option>

Reference: Form Helper

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Heera, thanks I think its just lots of coffee I am sorry for such a simple mistake –  Eagletrophy Jul 14 '12 at 20:32
You are welcome :-) –  The Alpha Jul 14 '12 at 20:35

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