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My blog formats all page titles like so: "Article Title | Slacktory | That seems legit."

Currently, Twitter's official "tweet this" button, from any single-post page, formats a tweet to include that entire title.

How can I edit the code so it omits the " | Slacktory | That seems legit." portion, leaving only the unique page title?

If there's any relevant information in Twitter's tweet button documentation, I couldn't find it.

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Just set the data-text attribute on the <a> to your title.

<a href="" data-text="Article Title">Tweet</a>
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Thanks! But does that work on a site-wide basis? That is, if the "tweet this" button code is on the template for every single-post page, is there a value for the data-text variable that will detect the post title on any given page? (Am I correct in assuming that entering the code exactly as you wrote it would mean every tweet would have the actual text "Article Title" and not an actual article title?) – Nick Douglas Jul 14 '12 at 1:20
data-text="<?php echo addslashes($title); ?>" - problem solved? – Tom van der Woerdt Jul 14 '12 at 10:27

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