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I have a controller uri hierarchy similar to the example below.

public abstract class BaseCompanyController 
  // variety of helper methods, protected autowired objects 

@RequestMapping(value = "company/{id}/documents")
public class DocumentsController extends BaseCompanyController
  // document controller methods 
   @RequestMapping(value="something",.... etc)
   public void doSomething(){}

@RequestMapping(value = "company/{id}/financials")
public class FinancialsController extends BaseCompanyController
  // financials controllers methods 

What I want to do is to define some code to execute before any handler method in any child controllers. For example I would like to run some code before the doSomething method is called on the DocumentsController. The things I want to do are unique for a specific URI hierarchy.

If I use an interceptor to execute before the handler methods how do I extract the URI parameters from the URI such as the company id from /company/{id}? I really don't want to pares the URL's by hand?

Can an interceptor be narrowed down with a URI such as /company/{id} do interceptor mappings understand URI templates?

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You can use interceptors only for certain URIs using <mvc:mapping/> and path attribute for each one:

        <mvc:mapping path="/company/*/documents" />
        <bean class="com.mypackage.DocumentsInterceptor" />

Reference here.

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