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Right now I can make a request as follows:

user = 'xxx'  
token = 'xxx'  
survey_id = 'xxx'  
response = RestClient.get "{user}&Token=#{token}&Version=2.0&SurveyID=#{survey_id}&Format=XML"

But there should be some nicer way to do this. I've tried things like:

response = RestClient.get "", :Request => 'getLegacyResponseData', :User => user, :Token => token, :Version => '2.0', :SurveyID => survey_id, :Format => 'XML'</code>

and variations thereof (strings instead of symbols for keys, including { and }, making the keys lower case, etc.) but none of the combinations I tried seemed to work. What's the correct syntax here?

I tried the first suggestion below. It didn't work. For the record, this works:

surveys_from_api = RestClient.get "{user}&Token=#{token}&Version=#{version}&Format=JSON"

but this doesn't:

surveys_from_api = RestClient.get "", :params => {:Request => 'getSurveys', :User => user, :Token => token, :Version => version, :Format => 'JSON'}

(where I've set version = '2.0').

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You need to specify query strings parameters with the symbol :params. Otherwise they will be used as headers.

Example with params:

response = RestClient.get "", :params => {:Request => 'getLegacyResponseData', :User => user, :Token => token, :Version => '2.0', :SurveyID => survey_id, :Format => 'XML'}
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Thanks for the response. It didn't seem to work for me though. You can see what I tried in the edit to my question above. – Amit Kumar Gupta Jul 14 '12 at 8:46
@AmitKumarGupta That's strange. When I try the two request above I get two identical requests. I'm using mri 1.9.2-p318 and rest-client 1.6.7. – Pafjo Jul 14 '12 at 10:15
@Pafjo it seem the opposite. I can't insert a header parameters :-( always rest-client (1.7.2) seem considers all parmeters as "params" – Giorgio Robino Nov 28 '14 at 10:42

I had the same problem with Rest-Client (1.7.2) I need to put both params and HTTP headers.

I solved with this syntax:

params = {id: id, device: device, status: status}
headers = {myheader: "giorgio"}

RestClient.put url, params, headers

I hate RestClient :-)

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In rest-client api docs I see that headers is a Hash and if you want to provide both - headers and params, then you need to use a :params key inside the headers Hash. e.g.

headers = { h1 => v1, h2 => v2, :params => {my params} }

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