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I don't like the underscore convention in .Net folders and I want to rename the App_Start folder of new WebApi project to AppStart. Doing this can disrupt something?

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Me either! But worse is the lack-of-convention all about with Microsoft folder names :( –  user166390 Jul 13 '12 at 23:22

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"WebActivator is a NuGet package that allows other packages to easily bring in Startup and Shutdown code into a web application. This gives a much cleaner solution than having to modify global.asax with the startup logic from many packages."

If you use WebActivator, which seems to be getting pretty popular, you might run into some difficulties. See David Ebbo's post about 'App_Start folder convention for NuGet and WebActivator'. See the points under "Please follow the folder convention" on the GitHub page.

If you have a WebAPI project you may well already have a dependency on WebActivator - I had, without realising what it was - so my advice is to just leave well enough alone. Things are complicated enough already!

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