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I have successfully created a db in Matlab using the Visual Query builder (database toolbox). I am familiar with SQL and accessing key:value pairs with php and other languages, however I can't find the syntax anywhere for Matlab. The code I have so far is:

conn = database('antoine_db','','');
c = catalogs(conn);
T = tables(conn);
cols = columns(conn);

sql_query = 'SELECT Formula,"Compound Name",A,B,C,TMIN,TMAX FROM antoine_data WHERE ID = 1'; 

result = fetch(conn,sql_query);

If 'result' here is a single row of data with multiple columns, how can I most easily access the data from a specific column? I can already do it by using the column index, such as result(1,1). What is the syntax in Matlab so I could access it by the column's name, such as result['Name']?

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Try setting the return format to a structure:

result = fetch(conn,sql_query);

ans =
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Thank you very much, @tmpearce. That works almost perfectly. The onlu difference I made was to not include the parentheses around name. When I did include them, I received an 'unexpected parentheses' error. If I just wrote it as result.name, it works great! Thanks again! –  David Hagan Jul 14 '12 at 17:13

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