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I'm looking for a way to refactor all usages of a method with another. I'm de-singleton-izing a class, and I'm trying to replace all of the getInstance() methods with another method.

In my case, I'd like to change all usages of OldClass.getInstance() to be NewClass.getInstance().getOldClass(0). Is this possible with NetBeans' refactoring tools?

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In Netbeans you can refractor the name of the method, but you can't change C.m() to C.m().m2() with refractoring tools.

So the best solutions is to go with Edit->Replace or Replace in project.

Then replace all .getInstance() by .getInstance().getOldClass(0). (Take care of the scope). Don't worry it doesn't replace all occurence directly, it finds match then it displays a tree with checkboxes, you can click on Replace to replace the selected occurence.

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