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Possible Duplicate:
Find cell location based on value then do something- User Forms VBA Excel

I am build a user Form and trying to figure how to write a block of code that:

*gets the value of a combo box from user. *search for this value on a particular sheet, in a particular column * get the cell location for this value *returns one office set row for address, next offset row for city"

I asked this same question before, however, after sometime the answer couldnt help.

here is my code that i came up with:

For Each cLoc In ORISheetList.Range("ORI_LIST")
'compare the input string from list- considering using Match function for this
If StrComp(cLoc, ORIValue,  vbTextCompare) Then TextBAgencyName.Value = "test"
Else: Next cLoc
End If

the for Each loop and if conditionals dont really work well together.

i've read there is a find function on vba excel. is there a way to utlize that to get the location of the cell? Thanks

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Set cLoc = ORISheetList.Range("ORI_LIST").find ORIValue
If not cLoc is nothing then
    ' you found it!
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