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I'm sending stats to a Graphite server via statsd. My stats are fairly fine-grained, and can be easily added by developers. I'd like to roll up all statistics matching a certain pattern (stats.timers.api.*.200.count, for example). Is that possible within Graphite?

If not, are there other systems that I should be looking at that can generate that type of roll-up data from statsd? Or is this the sort of thing that I should do within my statsd configuration directly?

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If you after a blanket sum of all the data that matches, then you can use 1 sumSeries.

an example:


would give you the total for everything that matches stats.timers.api.*.200.count

You can group metrics together via the 2 groupByNode.

an example


would give you a a sum of all the timers that match stats.timers.api.*, by the 4th column ( in this case return code? )

All the functions are documented at

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Awesome, just what I was looking for! Thanks. – Patrick Linskey Jul 16 '12 at 5:50

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