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Edit: So it looks like the problem was the underscore in the URL. I replaced it with a dash (-) and it works fine.

My app is working ok on localhost.

After deploying to Nodejitsu, I am attempting to edit the app from my partner dashboard and change the 'Application URL' from




I get the following message on the edit page... 2 errors prohibited this api client from being saved

There were problems with the following fields:

Callback url is invalid
Application url is invalid

This doesn't seem to make much sense to me as it is a valid url and is up etc. I also tried adding a :80 but that didn't work.

Any Ideas? Michael

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It appears that your URL isn't what shopify is expecting. It seems to be originating from the underscore.

For example if you set your callback URL to


it won't work. But if instead you set your callback url to:


Things will work fine. This is a bug on Shopify's end, but I guess the work around would be to change your guidebyside_shopify to guidebysideshopify or something similar. That should help you with this bug until it gets fixed.


There was a minor mistake when I was testing out some things. And after a bit of research into the ruby URL library I discovered that underscores aren't permitted according to the RFC. So you'll need to fix your applications URL and this isn't a bug in Shopify.

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