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I enjoy Git support in Intellij IDEA 8.1.3. I've been doing some Grails Development on Linux with it.

IDEA seems to be ignoring other files from .gitignore like /tests/reports, etc. but is not ignoring stacktrace.log. In other words changes to stacktrace.log show up in the 'changes' window

The contents of my .gitignore file is:


# web application files that are overwritten by "grails upgrade"
#  cf. GRAILS_HOME/scripts/Upgrade.groovy, target( upgrade )

# IDE support files that are overwritten by "grails upgrade"
#  cf. GRAILS_HOME/scripts/CreateApp.groovy, target( createIDESupportFiles )
# to be specific, you could replace "/*" below with your project name,
#  e.g. "foobar.launch" (no slash)

# logs

# project release file


Am I missing something obvious?
How do I make IDEA 8.1.3 ignore all items from .gitignore?

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Are you using the Git plug-in? –  duffymo Jul 18 '09 at 20:02
Yes I am using the Git plugin that came built in –  Colin Harrington Jul 27 '09 at 3:54

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I added the .gitignore while stacktrace.log was still in the repository. When I updated the .gitignore, I expected IDEA to ignore stacktrace.log.

On the command-line when I ran git status I wouldn't see anything for stacktrace.log, but it was showing up as changed in the IDEA Changes window/tab. After I deleted the stacktrace.log and refreshed in IDEA, it no longer showed in the changes window/tab.

Not that big of a deal really.

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