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I have read a novel about hacking. In the book i read that the hacker convert the file into high frequency sound wave, from the beep of POST sound. And he record it with mobile phone, then on his computer he reconverted the sound file into the Original file. I want to know how to do that? By help of which software?

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As @ViktorStolbin is alluding to, albeit sarcastically, you can't really expect to necessarily be able to implement works of fiction in real life.

However, in this particular case what you describe is, at least in principle, possible. As to whether you could encode information at a sufficiently high frequency in a beep such that the non-uniformity of the tone would be imperceptible to the human ear, that would depend on the resolution and dynamic range of the speaker and mobile phone. (I don't think a simple PC speaker would suffice, unfortunately.)

The reason I didn't down vote your question is that it is suggestive of an important real life technology: telephone modems. If you are old enough to have used dial-up internet connections, you may recall the gurgling and hissing noises and beeps that arose. In effect, these are a form of what you described: one computer converts binary data into sound for transmission over phone lines, and the other converts the sound back to binary data.

Modern fiber optic transceivers operate analogously but by modulating light (electromagnetic radiation) instead of sound (air pressure).

I suggest taking a look at Wikipedia and maybe buying a cheap modem to experiment; nothing wrong with some old-school hacking!

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Unrealistic that the phone's microphone would produce a recording of accurate fidelity, either. –  tripleee Jul 14 '12 at 8:34
@tripleee That's what I was alluding when I referred to the "resolution and dynamic range of the... mobile phone." :-) –  Conrad Shultz Jul 14 '12 at 8:43
Nowadays we can send text message with mobile phone, isn't it? How the text message is sent? Didn't it use high frequency sound wave that we can't hear? The files in the computer are just 0s and 1s , why can't they be sent over high frequency sound wave? By the way the novel mentioned that it use POST sound, not the speaker. Anyway i appreciate your answer. Thank you! –  Titan Zack Jul 14 '12 at 10:34
@TitanZack No. Cell phones (and TV, radios, etc.) all operate by sending electromagnetic radiation: in other words, light that we cannot see. Light and sound are fundamentally distinct phenomena. This would be covered in a second term physics class, which I encourage everyone to take. (You should be able to find something on iTunes U or MIT OpenCourseWare.) Also, the POST sound is generated by what is classically called the "PC speaker" - a term that, confusingly, doesn't refer to your normal music speakers. –  Conrad Shultz Jul 14 '12 at 17:46
@Andriy This is getting a little into the weeds. What you are saying is true for modern modems in that they can do electric-electric conversion internally. But that's not how modems classically operated; Google "acoustic coupler" to see modems that really did use speakers and mics. –  Conrad Shultz Jul 15 '12 at 17:15

I guess he used the same software the owner of posted file used to encode it. I'm wondering why you are impressed with such a trivial hack. Why other wonderful things in futuristic, cyberpunk or ordinary action novels don't make you impressed? I mean the things when two FBI agents are looking at the grey-scale photo in law resolution and one of them notices something tiny at the background in the corner and he asks other agent "can you enlarge this piece?". One click and vuolia! He can see hi resolution and sometimes even colored image likely made by professional camera! And then they take photo of face of suspected person and make a search in some database among billions of other faces and after 1 second they got everything about him. A then they press one button and using some "GPS Global Monitoring System" and another one "Big Brother Monitoring System" they already know where he is, when he eat last time and how much money he has on his accounts. That's fantastic, man.

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I think this is now currently possible there is currently a team of developers who already implemented for security logins, You can check this link http://techcrunch.com/2013/09/09/slicklogin-wants-to-kill-the-password-by-singing-a-silent-song-to-your-smartphone/

They are able to provide InAudible audio using standard speakers of the computer speaker.

By the way If you search how magnetic cards works they are just sound that are converted to binary data and converted to decimal data.

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