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I am working on a play 2.0 framework application in java. I want to display the default profile pic depending on their gender and age, like man or woman or boy or girl pics as a default pic (like facebook etc.).

How would I go about generating a different URL for the image, based on the attributes of the user?

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in your User model, have a method

public String getProfilePictureURL() {
    if ("male".equals(gender) && age >= 18) return "url for man image";
    else if ("male".equals(gender) && age < 18) return "url for boy image";    
    else if ("female".equals(gender) && age >= 18) return "url for woman image";
    else if ("female".equals(gender) && age > 18) return "url for girl image";
    else return null;

I am assuming you have gender and age attributes in your User model class. Make sure you put in the correct

Then, in your view, you can just say

<img src="@user.getProfilePictureURL()" />
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