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Is there any library that can extract gettext messages directly from coffeescript files or do I need to compile them to javascript and extract only then?

I've been using python babel module for message extraction, could be good if coffeescript extraction function existed for it.

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As far as I know there is no extractor for coffeescript - if you find one, please please drop us a note. Patches welcome as well :-)

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Surely will let you know if I find solution. Right now I extract messages from compiled js files, but all codebase is in coffeescript. –  Andrey Kuzmin Aug 9 '12 at 6:26
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Messages can actualy be exctracted from .coffee files using plain old xgettext using --language=C without any additional effort as long as these conditions are met:

  1. gettext functions parameters have to be ALWAYS enclosed inside brackets
  2. String parameters have to be ALWAYS within double quotes (they must not be in single quotes)

Any deviation from those two conditions will result in xgettext ignoring the message

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These conditions do not seem to be enough in my case. I think the reason is string interpolation. –  sellonen Jun 24 at 5:29
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