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I'm using Asp.net c# I need help in regard that I'm Creating a gridview that will be editable. gridview Contaings two DropDowns, One shows the list of Mobiles and Other shows the connections. The label shows the Ids of the users.

I'm Fetching record from three tables using linq query below

var  fill = from fil in db.UserInfo    
from p in db.Connection.Where(x => x.Id == fil.Connection)
from q in db.MobileTypes.Where(q => q.Id == fil.MobileTypeId)
where fil.Userinfo == Convert.ToInt32(CheckForInsert_Update)
select new{ fil.Id ,q.Type , p.Name} ;

I'm Getting my required things but when i'm binding it in rowBound, in label it show the last selected id and list show the first selected Value in all list(s)

Help me that how I bind First Record to the first row in three columns and so on.

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share the relevant bits from your rowDataBound event. –  NoviceProgrammer Jul 14 '12 at 7:04
I did this by Keeping a List and Selected.Index, and checked values, if they are matching or not. –  Sooraj Aug 3 '12 at 10:36

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