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in android.graphics.Typeface.java, call native functions(nativeCreateFromAsset()...),but I do not find System.loadLibrary(). so, By which means does it load native library?

if I want to call a android system native lib in my app, such as libandroid_runtime.so, how to do? I try to use System.loadLibrary("android_runtime")but android_runtime has not JNI_OnLoad().



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pls follow the link steps as given

http://mindtherobot.com/blog/452/android-beginners-ndk-setup-step-by-step/ also see http://psrdotcom.blogspot.in/2011/12/android-ndk-jni-windows-xp7-with-3264.html

mysteps also see Steps 1 create simple android project Steps 2 create jni folder Steps 3 create 2 file Android.mk and ndkfoo.c in jni folder Steps 4 make required code in both file Steps 5 generate libs using command prompt Steps 6 project path untill jni folde> now ndk path untill ndk-build Steps 7 ex. D:\New_Wok_2\Firstndk\jni>c:\android-ndk-r8\ndk-build Steps 8 if c file correct then its generate libsabc.so file Steps 9 Also in project refresh clean, here add new libs,obj folder automatically

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thanks,I am confused thar –  wpzx263 Jul 14 '12 at 8:00

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