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I sincerly believe that cool-looking UI has significant contribution to the value of your software. It not only significantly improves sales but also ease user-buyin, upgrading willingness, or just causes some pleasant moments to the user.

To get cool UI, you will need a lot of images, and you need to play frequently with transparancy.

alt text

Question 1: What image editor do you use/recommend to produce 3D looking images, metalic reflections, glowing text, shadows, or making a button image "disabled-looking"? (freewares are preferred)

Question 2: Could you point to "how-to"-s and guiding documents on how to achieve these visual effects?

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I keep clicking but the play button doesn't do anything... – Scott Whitlock Jul 18 '09 at 18:19
:D Don't give up easily! – Mr. Lame Jul 18 '09 at 18:23
Be carefull when making non standard UI elements -- if it looks cool and even makes funny sounds, but doesn't support left to right layout, keyboard navigation, accessibility or any other small things already built into standard controls -- you are ending up in worse shape than if you just used plain Win2000 look. Even though some clueless users might not think so due to ferret-shock. – Eugene Jul 18 '09 at 20:29

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Why has no one mentioned GIMP? It's free and very powerful. I can remember a webpage with amazing scripts to GIMP for every effect you asked for it. I am searching for it right now and will update the question with a link once I find it.

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I use Paintshop, mostly. I have a copy of Inkscape for whatever needs to scale well.

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Unless you have a budget, I like free so Inkscape is my vote too. There are plenty of tutorials on the web to help and once you learn a couple of usability points with it, it's a pretty easy application to use. Being vector based has benefits too as you can change images other people make pretty easily.

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We use Adobe illustator and Photoshop to create all of our Icons and Images, and when you know how to use it, you can make pretty good UI elements. is as a freeware good for bitmaps and icons (a mini photoshop). but for icons i would recomend axialis icon workshop

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I use Inkscape - it now has much more flexible control over gradients and opacity, which are key to creating good GUI elements.

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The best image editor to achieve these effects is probably Adobe Fireworks, which definitely doesn't come under the freeware category at around £700 )and probably around $700 as well, although I haven't checked).

The best freeware editor in my opinion would be

However, I also think that you should seriously consider using the default UI components where available, as using non-standard widgets can significantly reduce the usability of your product.

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Depending on what platform you're using, you can use Expression Blend to edit your GUI controls in WPF (.NET 3.5 SP1) to look however you want.

Otherwise there's always Photoshop. :)

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