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How can we implement dictionary that is used in mobile? ( which is used when we type message in mobile). as it shows the list of word that can be formed with entered character.


4663 can be good , gone , home.

467 it shows suggested word as important.

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A simple solution would be to pre - compute the words and build a trie tree having digits in the nodes and each leaf node would have a link to a linked list /array(or some other data structure) of strings that can be formed using those digits.

At any given point , for example the user has typed 4663 -> go to all children of the last node(having the digit 3 in the example) that are not null, reach the leaf nodes through the various paths and print the valid words.

Note : Since the number of digits=10 only , the size of the trie tree would be limited. A ternary search tree(TST) could also be used in place of the trie tree but here , but since there are only 10 digits , there would not be much significant advantages of using a TST I guess.

EDIT - As pointed out by user1168577 , using a heuristic like frequency of usage, words can be shown in that order.

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It is a bad solution. trie only gives you all words that starts with the given prefix - there could be thousands of them - how will you chose the best match and suggest them? I think this is what the OP is after. –  amit Jul 14 '12 at 9:02
@amit - I disagree. Trie is a good start. Once you get a prefix, any dictionary word starting with that prefix is eligible to be shown. Based on some heuristics i.e. frequency of usage the words can be shown. –  user1168577 Jul 14 '12 at 9:10
@user1168577 : Yes, the heuristic you mentioned would be a good one in this case. –  Rndm Jul 14 '12 at 9:12

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