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I got the following generated code from sudzC and the generated code showing error. I corrected some of errors and now getting in following line of code.

.h file

- (SoapRequest*) CreateAdvocacyData: (id) target action: (SEL) action oNode: (nil) oNode;

.m file

- (SoapRequest*) CreateAdvocacyData: (id) _target action: (SEL) _action oNode: (nil) oNode
        NSMutableArray* _params = [NSMutableArray array];

        [_params addObject: [[[SoapParameter alloc] initWithValue: oNode forName: @"oNode"] autorelease]];
        NSString* _envelope = [Soap createEnvelope: @"CreateAdvocacyData" forNamespace: self.namespace withParameters: _params withHeaders: self.headers];
        SoapRequest* _request = [SoapRequest create: _target action: _action service: self soapAction: @"" postData: _envelope deserializeTo: nil];
        [_request send];
        return _request;

called from other file

[service CreateAdvocacyData:self action:@selector(CreateAdvocacyDataHandler:) oNode: [[ alloc] init]];

These all are generated code by sudzc. I have doubt:

  • Please suggest me changes in this line of code.

  • Please explain meaning of action:@selector(CreateAdvocacyDataHandler:)

  • Can i pass in oNode:nil instead of [[ alloc] init] (error).

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Is this the original code that was generated, or did you already make changes to it? I am wondering for example about the oNode: (nil) oNode in your method signatures. – puzzle Jul 14 '12 at 10:20
this is generated code and i changed this to (id) oNode. – subh. singh Jul 14 '12 at 13:37
can you post the errors that this throws? and for your question, Please explain meaning of action:@selector(CreateAdvocacyDataHandler:), this calls the method CreatedAdvocacyDataHandler while calling the [service CreateAdvocacy...] – Breakpoint Jul 14 '12 at 13:53
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There were some some problems in generated code and I corrected it (form

- (SoapRequest*) CreateAdvocacyData: (id) target action: (SEL) action oNode: (nil) oNode;

modified to

- (SoapRequest*) CreateAdvocacyData: (id) target action: (SEL) action oNode: (id) oNode;

I understood the meaning of SEL (thanks vittal)

and I solved the third issue by passing nil instead of [[ alloc]init]

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