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I have a custom binding for Knockout which attaches to the "slidechange" event on a jquery UI slider.

What I can't figure out is where this event is raised - a text search for "slidechange" within the jquery UI source code pulls up nothing!

So I'm guessing this is a convention based approach - the question is: What is the convention with jquery UI for events?

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The slidechange event is fired whenever the position of the slider is changed by the user. In the code if you look in the _change method in jquery.ui.slider.js this is the line of code that triggers the event.

this._trigger( "change", event, uiHash );

_trigger is a method in jQuery UI's widget factory that will prefix the first parameter with the widget's defined widgetEventPrefix (in this case slide). Therefore when that line of code is invoked all handlers bound to the slidechange event will be triggered.

There are two ways to subscribe to the event. One is by passing in a function in when creating the slider.

    change: function() {

The other is to subscribe to the slidechange event using jQuery's bind or on method.

$('my-selector').on('slidechange', function() {

You can see both of these events being fired in this example -

jQuery UI's API site documents all events that each widget fires as well as provides examples how you can subscribe to them. For example, here's the documentation on the slidechange event -

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widgetEventPrefix aha!! I'm actually happily using the slider with knockout with a custom-binding I got from google - I am however, trying to build my own widget with custom events - see my other question if interested), and was trying to copy the slider custom-binding - it confused me that I couldn't find the event name in the source code - didn't think of looking for a prefix. Many thanks! – BonyT Jul 14 '12 at 19:17

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