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Is there a generic JavaScript or possibly Python/Django or other open source web service or API to look up a geolocation given a street address? does what I want, apparently in C#. Is the like available from JavaScript or open source projects that can be queried?


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Check out Gisgraphy a free an open source geo service.

Everyone will tell you to use the Google Maps API but read the terms of use.

(g) No Use of Content without a Google Map. You must not use or display the Content without a corresponding Google map, unless you are explicitly permitted to do so in the Maps APIs Documentation, or through written permission from Google. In any event, you must not use or display the Content on or in conjunction with a non-Google map. For example, you must not use geocodes obtained through the Service in conjunction with a non-Google map. As another example, you must not display Street View imagery alongside a non-Google map, but you may display Street View imagery without a corresponding Google map because the Maps APIs Documentation explicitly permits you to do so.

So with the Google API you must use a Google Map. So if you need a map you're OK.

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You can use Google Maps JavaScript API. You can find an example of what you want here.

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You can circumvent the restrictive TOS that Google, Bing, and other providers have by using LiveAddress API. I work at SmartyStreets and help to maintain it.

While Google will only approximate the address (in other words, return results for addresses which don't exist), LiveAddress will verify the existence of the address and return only valid results, and a handful of other valuable data about it.

Python sample code here:

Javascript examples here: and (uses jQuery) and

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This question made me regret I could only choose one answer... – JonathanHayward Jul 16 '12 at 20:20

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