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I am new to java but got experience in .NET. I was developing CRUD in Servlet/JSP/JDBC for learning. During development wanted to properly name the packages and files which will be using.

I feel uncomfortable if I don't properly name which fits for javaEE projects.

I searched alot on this and finally decided to use this type of naming. Please see below directory and suggest me if I can fix it more from your development experience.

javaEE Directory structure

Should I use one Controller for all the CRUD and related User operation in one single controller called UserController because if I have admin,product etc pages that will make lots of controller each for per page?

User --> Properties only (POJO)
UserDAO --> Interface
UserDAOImpl --> Methods for CRUD etc

I will switch to MVC frameworks soon and will explore JSF, Spring and Struts.

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  1. The accepted naming convention is to use reversed domain name you own for your projects so that classes are unique across whole world. I don't own any domain but I typically use com.blogspot.nurkiewicz

  2. It is not really agreed in the community whether you should keep classes in packages based on use-cases or layer. You have packages for DAOs, for DTOs and controllers. I prefer having package for user-related use cases, holding all classes in one place.

  3. If you can, use one controller for all user-related actions. However once it gets too big, split it into groups of related functionalities (e.g. UserCrudController, UserPermissionsController...)

  4. I am missing the service layer here - something that mediates between view layer (controllers) and raw data access.

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thanks for the reply. Can you give me example for 1 and 2 from my above screen shot please that would be very helpful. – Pirzada Jul 14 '12 at 11:21

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