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I am using EF5.0 together with EntityFramework.SqlCompact (4.3.3). When I am trying to create a simple unit test I get the error:

System.NotSupportedException: There is no store type corresponding to the EDM type 'Edm.Geography(Nullable=True)' of primitive type 'Geography'.

Without the Geography attribute everything runs fine.

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As the man says: You cannot store geography data in SQL Server Compact (but image data type is supported) –  ErikEJ Jul 22 '12 at 12:10

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Sorry, this should be a comment and not an answer, but "the man" clearly does say that you can store geography data in SQL CE:

This seems to be a shortcoming in EF5, not SQL CE. I'm getting the exact same error using SQL CE 4.0.

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This applies to Merge replication only (I know that it is not clear), and the Geo columns will become image columns in the SQL CE database –  ErikEJ Apr 2 '13 at 14:41

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