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Can anyone point me to an article with the best way to quickly setup a Slicehost slice with Rails/Git from scratch?

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Slicehost has a number of useful articles on how to set up rails. These capistrano recipes might also come in handy.

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If you arent' experienced linux/apache admin, you can follow a sequence of 6-8 of pickled onions posts: apt-get update, SSH, iptables, mysql, ruby, gems, rails, apache, mod_rails

Here's the sequence for ubuntu intrepid

Here's what i used for Hardy

(This is a good minimal sequence. I would recommend spending more time learning iptables, denyhosts, how to blacklist IP's and summarize logfiles to lock the server down).

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I just did a slicehost installation (Ubuntu Hardy/RoR)

  1. Install Ruby

  2. thin installation (your RoR server)

  3. Nginx installation (The web server/vhost/proxy)

  4. Watch git tutorials here - they are great!

Thin/Nginx is very easy to set up compared to Apache/Mongrel, and uses less memory. Apache wins in some performance test, but uses more memory.

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Rails core team member Josh Peek has some Capistrano recipes for setting up and deploying to Slicehost.

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