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I'm thinking about making a panel for Linux, that would include window list, menu, clock etc. My 2 requirenments are:

  • It should fit into MATE (Gnome 2 fork) and possibly Gnome 3 2D mode.
  • It should have smooth animations (for drag & drop window button reordering like tabs in Chrome).

What libraries should I use? GTK+ / Cairo / Clutter / something else?

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You can start checking libgnome-panel (probably renamed to libmate-panel). The gnome-panel is built on top of that and libgnome-panel provides what is necessary to build applets (like the window list, etc.).

Each applet has its own dependencies, for instance, for window lists you will need libwcnk, for clock you might need cairo. For a panel with smooth animations, you might need clutter (that is OpenGL), however, that might not fit with the 2D you are looking for.

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