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I am following along with the tutorials in 'Easy PHP Websites with Zend Framework' and wanted to install PHPUnit.

System: Mac OS x Lion, PHP running locally (Not MAMP)

Pear was installed and working fine, I upgraded it to the latest.

Installed PHPUnit using

sudo pear install phpunit/PHPUnit

terminal did some work and installed it without errors

The in my terminal I did

phpunit --version

this returns/does nothing as follows (Username removed)

Machine:~ Username$ phpunit --version
Machine:~ Username$ sudo phpunit --version
Machine:~ Username$ 

Was worried it some how did not install so I check for the PHPUnit files and they do exist under /usr/lib/php/phpunit

Also checked that the phpunit exe exists which it does under /usr/bin

edited .profile as well as .bash_profile to include the /usr/bin path to have

export PATH=/usr/bin:$PATH

then restarted terminal


echo $PATH



php.ini includes is

include_path = ".:/usr/lib/php/pear:/Library/Server/Web/Data/Sites/ZendFramework-1.11.11/library"

Where xxxxx is my username on the Mac

even going into /usr/bin in terminal and using phpunit --version returns nothing

in case its relevant my PEAR config shows

Configuration (channel
PEAR executables directory     bin_dir          /usr/bin
PEAR documentation directory   doc_dir          /usr/lib/php/doc
PHP extension directory        ext_dir          /usr/lib/php/extensions/.....
PEAR directory                 php_dir          /usr/lib/php
PEAR data directory            data_dir         /usr/lib/php/data
PHP CLI/CGI binary             php_bin          /usr/bin/php
php.ini location               php_ini          <not set>
PEAR Installer temp directory  temp_dir         /private/tmp/pear/temp
PEAR test directory            test_dir         /usr/lib/php/test
PEAR www files directory       www_dir          /usr/lib/php/htdocs

Also added the pear and phpunit directory to my php.ini includes path list.

Am at a loss as to why this does not want to work. Am sure its me and I have done something incorrectly....Any help appreciated.

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To elimintate a path issue, does /usr/lib/php/phpunit --version also not output anything? – Darren Cook Jul 14 '12 at 23:59
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Ok, solved this, finally after much reading and fiddling. Issue was with PEAR, not PHPUnit itself.

Found the issue by following the set up for PEAR on

php.ini change from




solved this issue immediately.

phpunit --version now works

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