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I am coding program, and stacked. Please can give me a code which search text in file from one specific symbol to another using C# visual Windows Forms , not console application. Like this text in textfile c:\id.txt

The entry was successfully copied to {ea4c4653-cc65-11e1-a2fc-001e101f4e71}.

search string from { to } , and result with { and }, without . at the end. And send found text in a message box.Code to search text in a file an send whole line in message box. But i need part of line.

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What about Regular expressions? –  Jack Jul 14 '12 at 14:05
What have you tried? This isn't a code request site, but we will help you figure out the code yourself. –  FishBasketGordo Jul 14 '12 at 14:06

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Regex can be useful:

          Regex.Match(inputString, "\{(?<path>[^}]*)\}").Groups["path"].Value);


{        '{'

[^}]*    any character except: '}' 
         (0 or more times, matching the most amount possible)

}        '}'
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Try by using regular expressions:

var line = "    The entry was successfully copied to {ea4c4653-cc65-11e1-a2fc-001e101f4e71}.";
var foo = Regex.Match(line, @"to\s*\{([^}]+)\}");
if(foo.Success) {
    MessageBox.Show(foo.Groups[1].Value); //ea4c4653-cc65-11e1-a2fc-001e101f4e71
} else {
   //not found value 
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