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I am trying to write Erlang list functions in CouchDB, however, I am not familiar with the data types returned, and how to manipulate them accordingly. I would like some one to show me how to translate the simple Javascript List function below into an Erlang list function. That would be a good point for me to start.

function(head, req) {
var row,resp={},data=[];
    resp["total_rows"] = head.total_rows;   
  while(row = getRow()) {
  resp.rows = data;
  return JSON.stringify(resp);

Thanks, in advance.

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Your function returns a JSON structure, not the list itself. What do you want the Erlang function to return? –  rvirding Jul 17 '12 at 13:41

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Have you looked at the couchdb Test Suite. You'll find the erlang views at utils/script/test/erlang_views.js

The code in the test suite often helps me when I'm stuck.

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