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I'm trying to use jpegCam wiht jquery. I tried to use jquery modal dialog to open jpegcam window but there is a problem with document.write( webcam.get_html(320, 240) ); .

here is example of my code:

    <script language=\"JavaScript\">
        webcam.set_api_url( 'core/img_upload/_php_upload_doc_img.php' );
        webcam.set_quality( 99 ); // JPEG quality (1 - 100)
        webcam.set_shutter_sound( true ); // play shutter click sound
    <div id='web'>
    <script language=\"JavaScript\">

    document.write( webcam.get_html(320, 240) );


    <script language=\"JavaScript\">
        webcam.set_hook( 'onComplete', 'my_completion_handler' );

        function take_snapshot() {
            // take snapshot and upload to server
            document.getElementById('upload_results').innerHTML = '<p>uploading...</p>';

        function my_completion_handler(msg) {
            // extract URL out of PHP output
            if (msg.match(/(https\:\/\/\S+)/)) {
                var image_url = RegExp.$1;
                // show JPEG image in page
                document.getElementById('upload_results').innerHTML = 
                    '<img src=\"' + image_url + '\">';

                // reset camera for another shot
            else alert(\"PHP Error: \" + msg);

 <div id=\"upload_results\" ></div>
<div class='div_button'>
<table class='pok'>
        <input type='button' value=\"skenuj\" onClick=\"take_snapshot()\" class='web' />
        <input type='button' value=\"konfigurace\" onClick=\"webcam.configure()\" class='web' />


     jquery functions

                    autoOpen: false,
                    width: 800,


                return false;

jpegcam source: webcam.js and webcam.swf are without changes..... thanks for any reply.......:)

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you have to put this on top of your sc

<script src="../../Scripts/jpegcam/htdocs/webcam.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

<script src="../../Scripts/jpegcam/htdocs/._webcam.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
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