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When accessing class members from member functions, am I obligated to use $this? Or I can just mention member names?

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Using $this differentiates between object members and variables that are simply local vars. e.g.

object x {
   public $z = 'hello';
   function y() {
      $z = 'there';
      echo $z; // there
      echo $this->z; // hello
   function z() {
       echo $z; // undefined variable/warning/error.
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You have to $this. It is mandatory.

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Yes, you must use $this to reference class members. You can also use self:: to reference static class members. Without $this you can only reference local variables, meaning variables declared in the current function, or global variables declared using global

See PHP: Classes and Objects for more info on PHP classes

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In a PHP class, you can have static member variable or instance member variable.

If it is instance member variable, you need to access it with $this->inst_variable If it is static member variable, then with self::$my_static

If you are not using $this or self, it will be considered as local variable.

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