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How to customize links for breadcrumbs widget for Yii?

I can change the property tagName, but it for container. I want to change a tag for each links from a to li. How can I do it?

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Well there's no setting/property value that you can specify for the default CBreadcrumbs widget class that will give you <li>. You can confirm this if you check out its run() method. In the source you can see this:

public function run(){
 // code

 foreach($this->links as $label=>$url)
    if(is_string($label) || is_array($url))
        $links[]=CHtml::link($this->encodeLabel ? CHtml::encode($label) : $label, $url);
        $links[]='<span>'.($this->encodeLabel ? CHtml::encode($url) : $url).'</span>';
 // more code

So what you'll have to do is extend this class and specify your own run method, where you can use <li> or CHtml::tag('li',//other options) instead of the default CHtml::link.


Although i would suggest enclosing the <a> for each link with a <li> (instead of replacing it):

$links[]='<li>'.CHtml::link($this->encodeLabel ? CHtml::encode($label) : $label, $url).'</li>';
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i've made a small update, with a suggestion. don't hesitate to ask for clarifications, and let me know how this works out for you. –  bool.dev Jul 14 '12 at 16:36

You can do that with 'activeLinkTemplate' and 'inactiveLinkTemplate' properties:

                     'homeLink'=>'<li>'.CHtml::link('Home', array('/')).'</li>',
                     'activeLinkTemplate'=>'<li><a href="{url}">{label}</a></li>',
                     'inactiveLinkTemplate'=>'<li class="active">{label}</li>',
                     'htmlOptions'=> array('class'=>'breadcrumb'),
                     'separator'=>' / ',

Or U can write 'homeLink'=>false. But in this case U'll have to set Home url every time with $this->breadcrumbs.

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