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As question title, I want to use the change values of accelerator at three axis x,y,z to test that device is standing still or is moving. I can use titanium to get values of accelerator in 3 axis:

    var x=e.x;
    var y=e.y;
    var z=e.z;
    var timestamp=e.timestamp;

In real device, those values change continuously. I want to calculate the change between two times update consecutive. But I need some pointers on how to do the calculation.

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How about in addEventListener you keep 3 static variables or a single static structure containing the last values and calculate the abs() difference on them and the current values?

Pseudo code ( handling just one variable - expand to three ):

int f( int x )
    static int old_x = -1;

    if( x != old_x )
         // movement detected and do something
         old_x = x;
         // no movement


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you can use Ti.App.Properties variables to store values if you want. Instead of your pseudocode's c++ style static variable, use a property and update it at the end of your event listener.


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