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I need to replace a a word with its synonym in a sentence. For that, I POS Tag each word in the sentence and for the word I wish to replace I find the best matching synonym Wordnet synset. Now, what I am missing is the ability to take the synonym lemma and change it according to the original word POS Tag value. I was wondering whether anyone knows of a library in C++ or Python that I can take a lemma and the POS Tag value and change the lemma according to the input POS Tag... For instance, the sentence: "The grand jurry commented"

The word 'commented' was pos tagged as 'VBD' (past tense) I can take the synonym: 'remark' and need to change it to 'remarked' -> as 'VBD' is a past tense of the verb

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You are looking for a morphological generator. See a list of tools for English here:


I'm not familiar with all the tools, but for simple English inflection, morphg works well (note that it's for non-commercial use).

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