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I wish to use the LODS opcode to load a double byte from FS to eax. The default segment that is used with LODS is the DS, I wish to override that with FS. How can this be done using MASM opcodes ?

00000000 (02) 6a30                     PUSH 0×30
00000002 (01) 5e                       POP ESI
00000003 (02) 64ad                     LODS EAX, [FS:ESI]

Source from here

Thanks alot, Michael Engstler

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1) In the future, please remember to post a code snippet, if possible. It's always helpful :)

2) The 16-bit, real mode LODS* instructions always assume DS , ES and AX. You can't change this.

3) If you wish to use FS, you might also need the "ASSUME NOTHING" directive. For example:


'Hope that helps .. PSM

PS: If you just want to learn assembler, I'd strongly encourage you to try 32-bit protected mode. Here is an excellent resource, if you're interested:

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Thanks a lot for your reply, The problem with mov eax, fs:[0] is that it is translated to: 64 A1 00 00 00 00 .. This opcode contains NULL bytes and is no good for me .. Therefore I need a way to load data from the FS segment without creating null bytes in my code, The answer for my problem was to use LODS using the code snippet I just added. – Michael Jul 14 '12 at 17:09

Ok I found the answer.

lods dword ptr fs:[esi]
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