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Most advice point to change escape to jj. I usually scroll through down a file by pressing j repeatedly. Am I doing something wrong?

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I think you want to map jj to escape in insert mode only. So unless you tend to type jj while inserting text, this should not conflict with normal usage. The standard way to do it is:

 inoremap jj <Esc>
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You can also use Ctrl+[ or Ctrl+c to exit insert mode. I think Ctrl+c is not that bad.

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I don't really get your question, but moving around in Vim can be done really efficiently

  • You know the h, j, k and l, but you can type any number N and then the motion to repeat it. Suppos you type 100j you move 100 lines down
  • You can also use pg up and pg dn
  • You can use marks to easily return to a location you were in previously:
    • :mark a or ma to create a bookmark (you can create as many as you want)
    • 'a: return to the line of the bookmark. And "a: return the the line and the column.
  • You can go to any line number N, by either :100, 100G, or 100gg to go to line number 100.
  • If you want to go to line number 100, you can also open it from the command line $ vi file +100
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Check out this link and this image.

The image is just to show why ESC was chosen.

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